Kaunas Hospital

Kaunas Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is a brand new hospital in Kaunas, which was established on 8 September 2020, when Kaunas Clinical Hospital and Kaunas Republican Hospital were merged into one hospital. We had the task of organising the vast amounts of information from the two hospitals and presenting it in a user-friendly format on one portal.


The biggest challenge during the project was the extremely large amount of information and the fact that the information came from two different merged hospitals, so we paid a lot of attention to the UX/UI, easy navigation, search and easy management of the information by the hospital staff themselves. A specialised data import system was developed, which allows doctors’ work schedules to be conveniently imported from Excel (CSV) files and displayed and updated on the portal.

Particular attention has also been paid to the security of the portal, its compliance with OWASP security requirements, speed and compliance of the website with legal requirements.

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